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Going to the moon

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    I had this idea on how we could launch a mission to the moon and be able to colonize the surface.what we do is build rockets that a designed to launch from the surface and dock with the space station in orbit,because you need the rocket to go to the moon.design them to be refueled in orbit.and leave them there,and the astronauts are brought up and down by the shuttle.with the rockets in orbit docked at the space station.you bring payloads up into orbit by the space shuttle to be towed by the rockets to ship them to moon.this way you could build a fleet of space worthy rockets to make missions back and forth to the moon.the tow line could be designed by connecting lines to a brace five feet off the back of the rocket to give it room for the thrusters,while at a few points you put steel rods to keep the lines apart.
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    Yup thats one of the hundreds of ideas to get back to the moon. Do you know that if we launched a mission to the moon today as opposed to the late 60's early 70's it would cost less than %10 of what it did back then, inflation taken into account.

    Its not really a question of how but why. Unfortunately NASA doesnt see much interest in the moon. But give credit to them, at least they are interested in Mars.
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