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Gold Award Baby!

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    Just found out I'm receiving some Gold Award for volunteering I did during my 4th year.

    You need to get 76+ hours for the Award and I had 250 hours baby!


    Sharing the joy! I thought I was only going to get a Bronze too.

    Hope this looks good on my resume now. :P
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    Well done Jason!
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    you must be really happy for this, congrats!
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    I'm so thrilled!

    I wasn't really thinking about it at all. I was just doing it. My job was basically help Off-Campus students make friends and run events and stuff. I did other stuff too.


    I should be starting to do some volunteering at some local events soon.
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    Jason you Rock! ;-p
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    Good job, Jason. Often, being a good leader is not just altruistic, it can be selfish too. If you see an important position that is not being filled and taken care of, it's okay to fill it yourself. It's okay to step up and be a leader, as long as you are a good leader (honest, straightforward, helpful, positive).

    Be careful to measure your volunteer hours, though. It's too easy to end up volunteering too many hours, at the expense of other goals you may have. It sounds like you are on a good track right now, though. Keep it up!
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