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Gold in seawater

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    Has anyone any idea how to extract gold from seawater? is it possible?
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    Hello, there are millions of tonnes of gold in oceans, but so scattered that it is practically impossible to extract even small quantities to hold in your hands. It is possible, however, millions of gallons of seawater must be processed in order to get some gold. In the famous "Gold Rush", accumulated gold flakes, transported by river waters onto shores were easily hunted.

    I've googled the problem and found this page for your viewing. Good luck on your research.

    Take care.
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    lots of links to look thru,thanks!
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    I haven't looked through them much, but there was at least one, saying this is not very difficult. Please give some feedback and I may be rich :wink:

    Take care.
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    Maybe me and you can put our brains together and come up something?
    I have been thinking about gold in sea water constantly since I lost my job and cash is running out. :uhh:
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