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    Could i be getting a gold membership if i share a link of PF on my FB page.
    And please also tell me what all a gold membership do.
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    Just a thought on Gold Membership here at PF, most people will drop more money on a single trip through their local fast food drive-through than they would for a Gold Membership. That being said, everyone should seriously consider the "Gold option" (with the possible exception of staff as they being volunteers are already putting far more into the site than some petty cash). The most important aspect of the Gold isn't what advantages it gives you but rather What PF does with the small fee, Greg is constantly making improvements that help the site evolve and stay current and I'm reasonably sure the income is well reinvested here... So please give it some serious consideration if your not currently a Gold member. :wink:
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    Indeed. PF is Greg's life; dedicated to serve Science and us members.
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