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Goldburge Machine

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    i am just about to start to engeneer and construct a "goldburge machine". goldburge was a cartoonest who drew complex machines that accomplised an every day task like brushing one's teeth.

    i would like to hear from anyone who has done something simmilar. please include some success, failures, and tips.
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    There's a pretty big yearly competition to build the best Rube Goldberg machine.

    http://www.rube-goldberg.com/html/contest.htm [Broken]
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    The science fiction conventions that I went to years ago had a 'Gumball Rally' wherein they would give competitors identical kits of stuff like stir-sticks, rubber bands, cardboard, etc. and assign them a task that involved doing something with gumballs. Picking up the most, moving them from place to place, etc.
    Also, I have a game that's awesome for doing stuff like that. It's called 'The Incredible Machine' made by Sierra. Most of it is a challenge where you're given a partially laid-out playfield, a bunch of extra parts, and a goal. You have to figure out what parts to put where in order to achieve it. It appears that just making it happen determines whether or not you win, because I've used more than one solution to the same level and won each of them.
    What pertains more to you is the 'workshop' area where you can design your own levels from scratch. Mine only cost $5, and I've gotten hundreds of hours of fun out of it.
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    You are talking about Rube Goldberg. I know who you mean.

    Are you trying to make a model of one of his designs, or one of your own?

    I've made a contraption or two, and can offer suggestions on specific problems.

    This thread might belong in engineering though. You may also be swamped in helpers if you put your bellydancer drawing in your avatar, just so us guys realise you're a hot bellydancer chick.
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    I made one that used water to turn a wheel which then turned a belt and then used gears to run a fan. It made a big mess.
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