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Golden Nickel?

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    So, WTH is going on here? I received this otherwise ordinary-seeming nickel as change for my lunch today. It appears to be made of gold (plated?). I didn't make the scratches on it; my guess would be that some other curious individual was as confused as I am and decided to see if it was just plated. To the naked-eye, it would appear not, but in the close-up photo I am seeing a bit of "silver" coloring, implying that it is. I'm tempted to cut it open to find out for sure. Downside being that then I can't use it to buy 0.923 ounces of soda at work...



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    Plot twist: It's actually a penny
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    Measure its weight against a normal nickle.
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    WAD - What would Archie do?
    (Except running around naked)
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    What is that supposed to mean ?
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    Ben Niehoff

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    I guess he means Archie Meedies. You know, that guy whose best buddy was Harry Stottle.
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    They just had "gold clad" buffalo nickels on sale last night for $9.99. Limit 5 per customer. Each had 14 mg of gold "cladding".

    edit: the caveat was that these were not actually US currency. Just copies of buffalo nickels.
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    just don't accept any "wooden nickels" :wink:

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    Do a quick check.
    Peel back the foil and there should be some milk chocolate inside.
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