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Golf ball

  1. Feb 20, 2007 #1
    Imagine that you are on the surface of the moon, playing golf.

    So, is it possible to hit a golf ball on the surface of the moon and have it achieve a stable orbit around the moon?
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    You would need to work out the exit velocity required by an object to leave the gravitation force. Then if this is humanly possible.

    If so you could
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    The closest you could get to orbit would have a trajectory that would bring it back to where you started. So if you tee'd it up on a mountain, maybe, but otherwise it'd just hit you in the back of the head when it came around again.
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    remember, even though the moon has light gravity, its not as small as you think it is

    even with light gravity, it would be like launching the ball from bejing to tokyo
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