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Golf - Math/Physics

  1. Mar 17, 2009 #1
    Hello folks,

    Does anyone have any information about golf simulation for math and physics formula by using Newton's gravity law and dynamics? I was searching for them through Internet but can't find any source. Does anyone know any open-source golf simulator?

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    There's a book I have called Physics of Golf that might be what you want. Here is part of the reviews found on Amazon.

    "Golf teachers and students of the game have an American hero, Theodore P. Jorgensen, Ph.D....The Physics of Golf gives new insights and precise views into the forces and torques developed in the downswing.... Thank you, Dr. Jorgensen.... We will all treasure your book." (American Golf Pro) -- on first edition

    "The heart of golfer Ted Jorgensen's delightful book lies in his analysis of the swing of the golf club and how, armed with insights from that analysis, you, he and I might all swing the club better and play better golf.... [The book] is designed to be accessible to the casual reader while satisfying the critical student. But first word or last, for anyone who has swung a golf club, the book is fun to read." (Physics Today) -- on first edition
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    Re: Golf - Math/Physics (on other planets)

    Ok, thanks for some replies. I found a few books about golf physics on the Amazon.com and ordered them. Those called "Physics of Golf" and "Netwon on the Tee: A Good Walk Through the Science of Golf".

    I was looking for open-source golf simulator but can't find any source. Does anyone know any source about open-source golf simulator?

    How about golf and other sports on other planets? I like to play golf on Mars and Moon on golf simulator. I researched for them and found a few things. Russian astronaut played a golf ball at ISS station and his golf ball still is in orbit and have not landed on surface since 2006! Also, astronaut (Apollo 14) played some golf balls with his 6-iron club on Moon and they flew 200-300 yards. He said "Miles...Miles...Miles...".

    Thanks again,
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