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Golf schedule

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    Can anyone design a golf schedule for 8 golfers, playing 30 rounds, with each golfer paired with every other golfer the same number of times, and playing against every other golfer the same number of times? Each team of 2 will play another team of 2 each time. If 30 doesn't compute, what number of games will fit the criteria?
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    How do differential equations come into this? :confused:
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    there is equation you can use i jsut didnt pay enough attention to remember them. heh. combinations i think nCr
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    ?? Yes, combinations are obviously involved. But why is it under differential equations? I'm going to move it to general mathematics.
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    Gloffer, if a hint is all you want, go over how to calculate permutations and combinations.
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    looks like he made a user name (gloffer=golfer) for someone here to figure out his dilemma.
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