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News Gonzales -vs- Ashcroft

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    Here is the http://www.salon.com/news/primary_sources/2007/05/15/comey_testimony/index.html [Broken] of yesterdays congressional testimony of former Deputy Attorney General James Comey.

    During Ashcroft's hospital stay Comey was acting Attorney General. He refused to sign off NSA wiretapping, since the Justice Department had determined it to be illegal. Gonzales and Andrew Card tried to get Ashcroft to sign off on the NSA spying scheme while he was recovering from pancreatitis

    Is there any doubt that these people will stoop to any level to achieve their objectives.
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    I heard about this yesterday - that Gonzales went to Ashcroft, who was in hospital.

    Unbelieveable. These people have no shame. :yuck:

    Good thing there was a witness. :uhh:

    Arlen Specter has had enough of Gonzalez.
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    It is human nature to see others as a reflection of ones self.

    They have no shame because they believe that all people are bad by nature.

    They are their own bad example.

    But they have an ace in the hole. :tongue:

    All they have to do is believe in Jesus and all their sins will be washed away. o:)
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    They don't have to believe in anything. All they have to do is claim that they believe and the religious right will forgive their transgressions.:rolleyes:
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    That is sadly true.

    BTW is the reverend Ted Haggard still a good hetrosexual?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    What gets me is that Bush authorized the wire taps even though his AG [Ashcroft and the acting AG, Comey] said it was illegal.

    Is it any wonder why we now have Gonzales as AG?
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    It was a miracle. The thought of losing his mansion scared him straight.:rofl:
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    It appears that Gonzales and Card have broken the law.

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    You should quote the more relevant portion of the article:

    The program was classified at a level where the program's very existence was classified. I'm not sure how you can discuss it very circumspectly when you can't even mention the program exists, let alone whatever Gonzales and Card may have said about it. Using creative methods to 'talk around' classified info is a disaster waiting to happen.

    I wouldn't find it hard to believe that whatever they may have said was a security violation - one serious enough to have some repercussions for the average person. I doubt it would fall under "intentional disclosure", though.

    I'm also a little confused by Parker's comments, considering she has worked in the NSA.
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    Well I guess one can refer to "the program which cannot be named" involving "he who must not be named" with a lot of nod, nod, :wink: :wink: . :biggrin: Say no more.
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    I don't see a problem there. He could simply say:

    "Remember the subject of our last meeting?

    Gonzales and Card are on their way here to discuss it with you inappropriately."

    [edit] A nods as good as a :wink: to a blind man eh Astronuc.
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    The Whitehouse is having a hard time talking about it.

    From yesterdays press gaggle with Tony Fratto:

    Yes, the ultimate authority and responsibility rests with the President of the United States, and it is well past time he and his cabal were held accountable!
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