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Good A-level mathematics textbooks?

  1. Jul 17, 2005 #1
    I plan to do a 'technical direction in computer animation' course at uni next year for which A-level mathematics is required to enter at year one (was meant to be going this year but can't get funding :frown: )

    The textbook 'Core Maths for A-Level' (1990 edition) I'm studying from at the moment has been kindly lent to me by the maths department of my local college. It's an excellent book but I have to give it back soon, and I think I'm missing out on a quite a bit of newer material.

    Does anyone know of any damn good textbooks that are worth investing in? I want to have as broad a knowledge as possible not because I feel I have to...but because I enjoy the subject.

    (most of the books I see in local bookshops are the kind of revision books that don't deal with proofs, and expect you've already covered the material but need refreshing...I've done a search on amazon.co.uk and the latest version of the book I'm using now is about 200 pages shorter...which worries me a little)
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    I can suggest I really good web site that has good example questions and stuff: http://www.mathsnet.net/asa2/2004/index.html

    But in the short time it has been since I've done A-level they've changed all the modules around and I've no idea what's what anymore.
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    I found the Heinemann series of A-level maths textbooks for the Edexcel courses to be really good. The modules have been fiddled with since, but the maths is still the same! :smile:
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    cheers for the help and quick replies folks :smile:
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    We had the OCR course books (each one specificially for each module) when I did my A-Levels. Back then, they went as far as P1-P4, S1-S4, D1, so if you're looking at further maths you might be caught short, or there may be more now. They're good as they've got targetted exercises too.
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    Cheers James :smile: ...gonna hafta look further afield than amazon.co.uk though cos they don't seem to stock all the books in a set :frown:

    if anyone else has any suggestions, please feel free to chip in :biggrin:
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