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Good astrophysics schools in california

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    ATM i'm at a JC and I will be transferring next year under the astrophysics major. Anybody have any inside information or anything about schools in california. Also keep in mind, caltech doesn't really take transfer students.....but hey, there is always grad school. :)
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    Berkeley is best, UC Santa Cruz is a close second.

    - Warren
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    Yes I had heard good things about Santa Cruz. Thanks for the reply.
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    I know it is not in California, but Penn State is great for astrophysics. I am an undergraduate there now. It is actually one of the top schools in terms of prepairing students for graduate school. There are also some pretty spiffy reseach opertunities with professors. The only draw back is that some of your credits may be hard to transfer to Penn State. Well, since it is not in California, this is probably useless but I figure it can't hurt.

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