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Good at Math, worse (but more interested) in Physics

  1. Aug 20, 2012 #1
    So I've finally completed my first year as an undergraduate, and its time for me to declare a major. The issue I face is a common one: should I major in math or in physics? During this first year, I took the honors mechanics (book: K&K), honors e&m (book: Purcell), and analytical mechanics course (book: Taylor), and I did not do so well. Although I've only done the lower division math requirements needed for the physics major (Multivariable, Linear Algebra&Diff Eq), I have tried exercices in Artin's Algebra and Halmos' Finite Dimensional Vector Spaces and I'm doing reasonably well with them. Also the few proof based exercises in the linear algebra course I took, I was able to do.

    If I think I am good at Math (although it has not been precisely measured, since I have not actually taken upper division math course--just went through a few of the books used) and worse at Physics (average gpa=2.8 in aforementioned above courses), should I major in Math despite being more interested in Physics research?
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