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Good/bad points

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    I was informed at work by a mate. that i am short tempered some times, and
    yes i agree with him, even though i think i have good reasons why.

    I tend to dress in my favorite comfortable clothes, not taking any regard for

    I only tidy up at home when i feel like it.

    I can not think of any good points worth a mention.

    What are your good/bad points?
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    my good and bad points are:

    I dont talk about my good or bad points to people online, thats both my good and my bad points, depending who it is whom is listening :wink:
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    Wolram's good points.

    He's kind.

    He's funny.

    He cooks.

    All the women here love our woolie ram. :smile:
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    My bad points -

    I don't give up easily.

    I know what I want and I go after it.

    I sneeze all the time.

    I make up silly songs and sing all the time.

    If I don't feel good I whinge a lot. A LOT.

    My good points -

    I am very nice.

    I am very caring.

    I'm rarely in a bad mood.

    I don't play games, I say what is on my mind so that others don't have to guess.

    I make up silly songs and sing all the time.

    If I care about you, I will never do anything to hurt you.

    I love to cook, but if you don't want eggplant and blue cheese :grumpy:, I will not make you eat it. :frown:
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