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Good Bio Book- The Genome

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    Has any1 else read The Genome by Matt Ridley? Just 4t I'd start a post about it, as despite prefering Physics as a science to Biology, I read it and thought it was really good. It's all about genetics and although some knowledge of Biology is helpful (Im doing A level and I could understand pretty much all of it with a little concentration) you dont really have to know much as it's all explained in the first chapter. One of the reasons I don't usually like Biology as a science as opposed to Chemistry and Physics is because it is so general (if u understand what I mean, I can't define it really) but I find genetics interesting because it is more specific (ok now Im really not making sense). Anyway the book goes through all the chromosomes and talks about something interesting on each one. The book was recommended to me by my Physics teacher as well, so Im not the only Physicist that likes it :smile:.
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    I am not particularly into reading on biological topics, but I made Ridley's book an impulse purchase last year at Barnes & Noble. It was enjoyable and enlightening to read. The members here who specialize in biology would find it too basic to do them any good, I reckon.
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