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Good biology forum

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    Anybody know where I can find a good biology forum? One that discusses issues in detail; for example, in clearing certain concepts up? Kind of like physicsforum, except biologyforum.
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    Re: Question

    If you mean a forum where you can ask questions about biological topics, then I'd just say post your question here, on the PFs.
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    Another God

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    PF is a fine place to ask biology related questions, but if you want to get really in depth into certain fields, then you might want to find a specialised forum.

    For example, I know of http://micro.nwfsc.noaa.gov/forums/ as a Molecular Biology forum which is good for asking questions about techniques in molecular biology.

    But anything non-super-specialised you can just ask here. There are plenty of biologists here (myself for example.)
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    Re: Question

    What concepts did you have in mind?
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    Feel free to use this Other Sciences forum in PF.

    Not sure about other biology-only forums. Perhaps a news group? (like Talk Origins for evolution).
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