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Good book for calculus proofs?

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    I know that questions about learning materials (like books) are supposed to be posted in the learning materials category but for some reason it is saying i cannot post there (it is saying i do not have privilieges/am trying to access administrative stuff?)...so i will just ask here

    Does anyone know about any good books that focus on proofs in calculus (especially calc I and II..i havent taken calc III yet)? Like explaining the limit properties using the epsilon-delta theorem, explaining why limit of sin x/x is 1 as x approaches 0, etc. Also would be great if the book had a bunch of exercises making you prove things.

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    You should try calculus by Apostol. It contains everything you want, and even more.
    Calculus by Spivak is also good.
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    i agree.
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    I also agree. I learned a huge amount from Spivak. Apostal is also very good.
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