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    Dear Fellows,

    I am new in this field of thermo elasticity, and having some problem in understanding the basics of this field.

    Can any one guide me to a good and basic book or any university lecture notes or any material through which I can study this field from basics

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  3. Feb 3, 2012 #2
    I'm in such a situation now! I have to make some calculations using the theory of thermoelesticity and don't know almost anything in it.
    Today I was searching for the information in the internet and found the video course on this subject in INTUIT.ru. (lectures 9-12).
    If you know Russian try it too.
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    No I don't know Russian, but I will try to understand by viewing equations,,

    Can you please give me, LINK (URL) of those lectures?

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    Thanks Nadyas!! I ll try my best to learn it, If you find any English material then please update me,,

    Best Wishes
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