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Good book to study physics

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    Can someone please recommend a good intro physics book to study electromagnetics.
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    What background knowledge do you have in mathematics and physics?

    For freshman physics, there's Resnick & Haliday, Physics (Not Fundamentals of Phyiscs). It covers Maxwell's Equations in their integral form. You'll find lots of threads here on whether these are good books and which edition is best. I like the 3rd edition. E&M is covered in volume 2 of the 3rd edition.

    See also

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    Definitely "Electricity and Magnetism" by Prucell. It's a bit tougher than most textbooks, but it gives you a great foundation.
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    That's E.M. Purcell.
    Then, there's D.J. Griffith's "Introduction to Electrodynamics".

    However, since the OP didn't indicate the OP's current level of preparation, these may not be appropriate at this time.
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