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Good Book?

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    Can anyone direct me to a good, free, book on basic number theory?
    Preferably free. :biggrin: But if it isn't, it's not the end of the world.
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    matt grime

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    There are many sets of lecture notes available freely on the web from various university lecturers. There will be errors in them, and there might not be errata sheets for them, so you're best off staying away from them.

    If you can fork out cash then Baker and Le Veque have writtend very well respected introductory books. Baker's title escapes me but amazon must be able to give you a reasonably good chance of finding it, and le Veque;s is called the Fundamentals of Number Theory and was republished by Dover half a dozen years ago (my copy cost 15 pounds sterling in 1997)

    update baker's is a concise introduction to the theory of numbers, 15 pounds on amazon.
    a leveque (note no space between the words as mistakenly wrote above) paper back version of fundamentals of number theory is currently llsted at 6 pounds.
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