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Good Books

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    I posted something like this in the Quantum Physics forums, i would also like a good book on relativity and such, but again if the math is past something like a high-school calculus course it may be a bit advanced. I would be interested in math books too, ones that helped teach some of the special math that these area of physics requires.

    Thanks so much, i'm looking for more introductory books, with math i can understand or little math involved at all.

    For more details about the books i already have see my post in the Quantum forum.

    Thanks again!
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    A standard recommendation is Spacetime Physics, by Taylor and Wheeler.
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    You should look at previous threads in the S&GR board and the book review board.

    https://www.physicsforums.com/search.php?searchid=560675 [Broken]

    I'll second the recommendation of Spacetime Physics. Get the red paperback, which had all the problems worked out in the back, if you can find it at the library or used.

    Also, N. David Mermin, It's About Time.
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    as meentioned above, Spacetime Physics is an amazing book - everything is explained clearly with nothing more that basic algebra.
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    Chris Hillman

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    But you should get the first edition; the second edition omits a critical topic, the "rapidity" (analog of angle in pseudoeuclidean spaces).
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    I ordered the 2nd edition, unfortunately i could not find the first edition =(

    But that's alright, do you have any recommendations where i could learn about rapidity in the same context as the rest of the book?

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    I ordered it from Barnes and Noble instead of Amazon so i didn't see that, i looked on amazon but i guess i missed it on those alternate sellers lists =( Oh well... i'll make do.
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