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Good books

  1. Jul 21, 2005 #1
    hi everyone ~ Does anyone recommend some good books for me?i am studying at secondary school, which is in hong kong.
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    I can't recommend any text books as most of the stuff I get is off the net, or second hand books.

    In the realm of earth sciences, James Lovelock wrote a book called Gaia. It's written at a fairly accessible level, and whilst I'm not fully convinced he presents his theory well. As a controversial theory it's an interesting place to start experiencing viewing arguments critically, an essential skill in science.
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    I think that Gaia has been burned because it obstructs global warming. Apart from that, there is some non-scientific reasoning in it.

    So what is the area of interest? Environment? Evolution? Archeology? Geology, Oceanography? Geophysics? Climatology?
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    On the area of oceanograpy i´d suggest: "Invitation to Oceanography" by Paul R. Pinet. It covers the basics of oceanography and it proved quite usefull to me during the first and second year for me.
    I´m more into the management side of it all but it´s a fine place to start and easy accesible.

    this is the website that is used for background info in the book: OceanLink2

    The site also has an glossary cover in all the basic terms in oceanography.
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    i think it's ok for any area .
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