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Good brain energy sources for exam tomorrow?

  1. Aug 25, 2011 #1
    Well folks,

    I will be sitting an exam tomorrow morning at 9am in which I have to travel 2 hours prior and maybe fit in an hour of revision.

    Anyone recommend good energy sources for the 3.5 hour exam? :-)

    I was thinking redbull drink.....:devil:
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    Going for a walk almost always gives me more energy something to do with the blood flowing or something like that :)
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    Eating right, sleeping, and exercising are all proven methods. Brain foods include eggs and fish which are particularly high in lecithin and omega 3. The Japanese eat raw eggs, rice, and shaved fish for breakfast. Caffeine isn't on the list.
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    Bananas! I'm not sure what they contain, but I know they are advertised as brain food, and they sure do taste amazing and give you a good boost.

    I start my school days with muesli and fruit (and coffee :S).
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    I've heard Ritalin works wonders for exams...or at least that's what half my class told me.
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    cheers folks,

    I went for a long cycle the night before. I slept like a log, then I had a banana and cereal before the exam.
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    They contain brains.

    Hence "brain food." The same is true of tuna.

    Seriously, though, I always prefered bacon, eggs cooked in butter, and black coffee. Basically anything without sugar or carbohydrates to avoid a mid-exam crash. Taking an exam isn't an athletic event, you're unlikely to burn many carbs, so protein and fat are your best bets.
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