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Good Cartoons

  1. May 31, 2008 #1
    Good Cartoons :)

    Ok, so some of you might think this is a wee bit childish, but there are some good cartoons that are out there, you have to admit :smile:.

    I love Jimmy Neutron :!!) :tongue: It gets kids to like science, at a young age, I know I started to like science more, after watching it. It made it fun and a great learning experience :biggrin:

    Does anyone else have any favs, they don't have to be science related either????
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  3. May 31, 2008 #2
    Scooby Doo, the original 60s ones...
    Hey Arnold! was always good...
  4. May 31, 2008 #3
    X-men which i didn't watch as a child but now watch it as an adult, Rocko's Modern Life, a cartoon I can now enjoy adult and appreciate and understand the subtle inneuido , Looney tunes(yeah even some of the racists ones). There are some things you just cannot let go of
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    Yeah lol, RML has a LOT of innuendos (in your endo, sorry couldn't help it)
  6. May 31, 2008 #5
    What's RML???
  7. May 31, 2008 #6
    Rocko's Modern Life, didn't want to spell it out...
  8. May 31, 2008 #7
    Oh, ok, my bad. It was a good show. Does it still play on a channel on tv?
  9. May 31, 2008 #8
    I think it can be seen occasionally on one of the Nickelodeon channels.
  10. May 31, 2008 #9
    Sweetness, guess I'll be keeping my eyes open :biggrin:
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    New school: Spongebob Squarepants.

    Old school: The Bullwinkle Show.
  12. May 31, 2008 #11
    old school Tom and Jerry is the best. Pinky and The Brain was cool.
  13. May 31, 2008 #12
    Yeah, I liked some of the Tom and Jerry episodes, especially the one where they have a battle with fireworks.
  14. May 31, 2008 #13
    Aeon Flux
    The MAXX
    Cowboy Bebop
    Batman (the darker episodes from about 10 or so years ago)
  15. May 31, 2008 #14
    i used to watch those all the time
  16. May 31, 2008 #15


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  17. May 31, 2008 #16
    The Spectacular Spider-Man is pretty wicked.

    I used to watch Dexter's Lab, Garfield and Friends, and Cowboy Bebop... but not much else, I don't think.
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