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Good cruise website to buy tickets

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    I'm planning on going on a cruise in a couple of months and I was wondering if anyone here has been on a cruise before and could answer some of my questions.
    What's a good price for the cheapest room? Anyone know a good cruise website to buy tickets from that give you special deals? And I need to have one that departs from where I live. And how much extra money do I need for stuff that's not provided with the initial ticket? I also heard there was a huge government tax you have to pay.
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    Re: Cruise

    Where do you live? Kind of a key point if here.
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    Re: Cruise

    A travel agent can answer these questions.
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    Re: Cruise

    Yeah I forgot to include that. I looked and there is a port near me here in Jacksonville.

    True, but my main concern was that it seems like there's a big difference in prices depending on where I look for tickets. Like for example I did a search on Google for a website that provided the times/prices/locations of where the cruises are and the prices were pretty cheap. But then I looked for the cruise port for Jacksonville and the websites it provided for information on tickets, like the AAA website were really expensive.
    I see tickets ranging from 200$ - 1500$ for seemingly the same thing.

    So basically what I was wondering is if anyone here had any experience with cruises (anyone cheap like me) and could tell me what a good place to get tickets would be and answer a couple of little questions I had.

    I don't care what kind of room it is. I plan to get the cheapest room, since I don't plan on spending much time in there other than sleeping anyway.

    Thanks for the responses.
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    Re: Cruise

    Have you tried the websites we see commercials for a lot on TV? Like Travelocity and Expedia? I've never used them, but you never know; they might be good. Also check out the websites for cruiselines you're interested in.

    I took a cruise once to Alaska, but we left from a port in Seattle, so I imagine that's quite different from Jacksonville. :wink: The only thing I can really say is be careful of what you eat...and if you tend to get carsick/seasick/etc, make sure you bring Bonine or something like it with you.
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    Re: Cruise

    They will answer your questions for free.
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    Re: Cruise

    The dates of your travel will make a big difference in prices. When we really get into the middle of hurricane season, prices drop dramatically, where you can get a week long cruise for around $300-$400. BUT, there's also a big chance your trip will be cancelled or postponed a week if there's a hurricane forecast then, and you might have a night or two of stormy seas. If you can be flexible with your vacation plans, go for it. If not, you might have to pay more for peak season tickets to avoid seasons with a high likelihood of postponement. That's usually the difference in prices if it's the same cabin class...just like hotels, cruises have peak and off-peak seasons and prices vary dramatically based on how much they think they can get at any particular time of year. Even within a season, some weeks might be more expensive than others if there is a holiday during the week when a lot of people like to travel.
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    Re: Cruise

    No, I haven't tried them, but the AAA website had some pretty expensive cruises. I think all the boats that depart from where I live are all expensive, whereas the ones I've seen online that are cheap depart from elsewhere. So I'd have to drive kinda far to get to the departure port.
    I'll try those websites though.
    Yes, I do get motion sick, so that's a good suggestion. Thanks.
    Yeah I'm gonna contact one. I knew people here would be honest and might have some inside information, since they may have done it before. I was thinking maybe a travel agent would just be eager to sell me something.
    Hurricanes are going to be a huge factor, since I planned to go to the Bahamas and during my vacation, which is in September, which is like the peak of hurricane season. And I don't know why I didn't think of that.
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