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Good Data Structures Book

  1. Jul 26, 2010 #1

    I have used Data Abstraction and Problem solving in Java Walls and mirrors, for my 1st data structures course

    I found i didn't use it that much at all, it pretty wordy and quite boring to read. Can anyone recommend me a good book for data structures?

    Basically in the course we went through heaps of data structures and it got kind of boring...

    I also did not really understand what computer 'science' is about in particular the science aspect. Is computer science simply about understanding efficiency and various algorithms and data structures? I still have the feeling computer science is about learning how to program.

    does anyone know a really good data structure book, that is concise, interesting or at least not tedious that explains everything in the context of computer science
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    They don't actually have a data structures book though.

    why would you say it is annoying to anyone over 17.

    I guess it is aimed for young people.
    So far i haven't actually 'read' my data structures book normally i just research the data structure on the internet Sometimes I find that quicker. And most of the time diagrams on the lecture notes were sufficient to explain how the data structure works.

    I did well during for my data structures course at uni, i enjoyed implementing some of the data structures, but i get the feeling that Computer Science is not just about programming. I am mainly looking for a replacement book that is more concise so i can sell my other book
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    Perhaps I'm old and boring enough not to want my textbooks to be "like totally kewl and L33T", something between head first and Knuth would be ideal!

    Generally data structures are taught along with the algorithms to manipulate them -
    Introduction to Algorithms, C-L-R is pretty much the classic. There is also the algorithm design manual by Skiena
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    Horowitz and Sahni.
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