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Homework Help: Good decent help with lasers

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    I just wanted to know if you guys can help me with a project I have. The project is on the "Engineering Uses of Lasers." All I'm asking for is some decent, usable websites and information. Most of the sites & journals I've looked through either have purely theoretical work or simple information on what a laser is doing rather than why and what makes it do these things. I really hope you guys can help me here.

    Thanx... :smile:
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    If you want to know why and how it works that is different than what use it is in Engineering. Lasers are generally used for precision work where you need to be very precise. Lasers are precise because the light is all synchronized and focused in a small point. They are also used for measuring because they are precise.
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    Ok, I understand what u say but the project is not a mickey mouse school projecty - we kinda need to know what the use is, how it works, the maths behind it and why is it used. It's easy to find each point individually - puttin them together logically is a slight problem here! thats why I was hoping some of you guys can help!! :smile:
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    You seem to have divide everything into "theoretical work" or "simple information on what a laser is" and say you want "why and what makes it do these things". That IS "theoretical"! What you really want is "elementary" theoretical information.

    I "googled" on "elementary laser" and got a number of sights that might help you: in particular
    http://people.deas.harvard.edu/~jones/ap216/lectures/ls_2/ls2_u5/ls2_unit_5.html [Broken]

    (I remember when lasers took up whole rooms with rigid safety rules- now you can buy them at a hardware store. Of course, I took freshman physics from Charles Townes- My God,I'm old!)
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