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Good electronics textbooks

  1. Sep 5, 2009 #1
    What is considered the best electronics books for physics undergrads who want to learn the basics of electronics? I would go and buy the art of electronics but many say that is more of a reference book than a textbook.
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    Horowitz and Hill

    The microprocessor bit is out of date, it doesn't cover high frequency (wifi/bluetooth) and it's annoying that it doesn't tell you why some of the bad designs are bad - but it's still the best.

    edit - it seems there is a new edition due next year, but they have been saying that for the last 10years !
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    isn't that a reference book though and not really the appropriate book for self-learning?
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    No, it's a 'how to' of everything you need to build practical electronics for physics experiments - it's not a textbook of electronic engineering design or theory.

    You can probably pick up a used copy - every experimental physicist (and every lab) has a copy
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    I tink this will be good for electronics, especially that this book emphasizes on practical work.

    Thomas Floyd, Electronic devices

    If you want a more advanced book I recommand

    Adel Sedra, Microelectronic circuits ( this is a universal reference book)
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