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Good Engineering/College Physics Books?

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    Good Engineering/College Physics Books??

    Hello, I am trying to find books that are just down right outstanding and help college students understand calculus based physics. These books need to be great for reference and learning. Here is what ive found so far but I would love it if you guys can suggest other books if these are no good:

    (BTW: I am in University physics 2 and am looking for calculus level undergrad books)

    Our physics book uses some calculus but they arent that good. For example in the electric field and coulomb force formulas r^2 is used and not the vector notation formula. I need a book that utilizes the vector formulas over the basic ones that they assume you might know the other...

    Integrated Physics and Calculus, Volume 1 and Vol 2


    Introductory Physics with Calculus (as a Second Language ) Mastering Problem-Solving (Not sure if this is any good)

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