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Good Engineering Schools

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    Well its that time of life where college applications start coming in lol. What schools do you guys consider to be good besides the Obvious MIT, CIT, Columbia? I'm looking in the North East and want a school that is mostly engineering. I'm positive that I want to be an engineer and almost positive about mechanical. What do you guys think of WPI, RPI, RIT, and Stevens? Thanks for all the help.
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    Well since I came to U.S. two years ago and my GPA is kinda screwed, I managed to make things up on SAT so my plan is to apply to Purdue, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and NC State. Just in case I change my mind I will apply to Chappel Hill also. Wherever I get accepted I'll be good. I think that Purdue and Urbana-Champaign are the best options for those who are not MIT, Columbia or Stanford "material".
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    The problem with those two schools is that they are not in the North East. It's not that I'm not MIT material, I have the standerdized test grades, GPA, and all the right courses/extracurricular activites, but I think it will still be hard to get in to. Any ideas on how to differentiate myself from the crowd?
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    When I said "not MIT material" I meant on myself, and not because I think I couldn't do it, offcourse I wouldn't the best student there, but I meant that I don't have GPA good enough and I don't have the money for that, and that something extra that will separate me from the crowd. I think that those schools that I mentioned I good enough for me, actually excelent.
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    Well you should apply to MIt anyway. How would you differentiate yourself??? Well try with some math, science and engineering competitions! If you take bc Calculus, bc Physics and ap Chemistry and get good grades you should get in. If not in MIT maybe Columbia or Cornell, and if not in those well try to open your mind to some other areas of the country. I live in NC and I will go somewhere else to study. I imagine life on campus as pretty funny, and besides Engineering is not gonna give you much time to think about other stuff. Anyway, I hope I helped in some way and if not well visit this site. They have all kinds of information.


    GOOD LUCK!!!
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    I looove that site lol. I have not taken AP Chem, but I have Taken AP Physics BC and a'm taking AP Physics C and AP Calc BC this year. Do you think AP Chem is a necessity? I thought physics would be more important to engineering. Also I have heard that schools in the NorthEast don't take as many students from the NorthEast when compared to other states. I know someone who was denied from several high end schools supposedly due to hie geographic area/ and non-minority status. Does anyone know if this is true?
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    Wow man! You are a genius. My teachers recomended me for the next scedule

    BC Calc
    Physics C
    AP European History
    AP English
    Some crap that I missed because I came to U.S. in my sophmore year
    ...O yeah and for World History HN, also because I missed it

    Well when I saw that I just crossed over BC Calc and Physics and Gov& Politics, and put regular Calc and regular AP Physics, and offcourse instead of the Gov class took driving period! I hope they took my paper in which I dropped those clases couse if they didn't I'm screwed. I mean it really is too much.

    With your credits you should get in Columbia or Cornell. I mean with BC Calc and Physics C...Yeah. Don't take AP Chem. couse it might be too much homewrok to do.
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    As far as ethnicity is concerned I don't know whether to put White or to put Other. If I put White then the competition is bigger but if I put other than the number of spaces is small.
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    Does anybody know how colleges deal with ethnicity and demographic areas. I think that they should do it the same for everybody. IE: The admissions officers don't know where the applicants are from and what their ethnicity is.
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    I think that THE ONLY criteria for getting into colleges should be GPA, SAT, extra carricular activities and that kind of stuff. Everything else is just discrimination.
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    How about Cornell?
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    Yea I'm definately applying to Cornell, but that still is a really tough school to get into.
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    come up to canada, U of waterloo. Best engineering school ever!! (hopfully)
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    Did anyone here go to Worcester Polytechnic Institue (WPI)? The more I think about it, the more that this school seems the place for me. Even though it is not as competitive as other schools like MIT, and Columbia: Fu, I like it better? Anyone have any stories about it?
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    For undergraduate engineering, I would pick a small school with a focus on engineering with average class sizes of 20 students or below. Pick a school where you can build very close relationships with your professors so you can get good letters of recommendation and good research projects. Don't pick because of its name.
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