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Good fluid mechanics book?

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    I'm taking fluid mechanics in the fall, and I hear the professor is a real pain. I want to prepare over the summer by getting exposure to the material.
    I'm in an undergraduate program, and have all the math I need (though it's been a while since differential equations, so I'm actually re-learning that this summer, too!). I'm highly motivated, and have lots of time (this economy is so bad, that I can't find a summer job)

    any suggestions would be appreciated!

    course description "Introduction and fundamentals of fluid statics, integral form and control volume analysis, differential analysis and potential flow, incompressible viscous internal and external flow, and compressible flow."

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    What major are you? The best book will depend partially on that.
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    I'm in a mechanical engineering program, but everyone in the engineering department has to take the class- an undergrad degree is just a prep course for the FE exam, right?
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    Um... no...

    At any rate, I learned originally from Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics by Munson, Okiishi and Young as a mechanical engineering undergraduate. It was pretty good. I don't recall how deep it goes into compressible flow though.
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    Hello, if you need something really useful in fluid mechanical engineering and thermal engineering, you can check my website, it contain a small library of different subjects only in mechanical engineering:
    http://www.firavia.com/mecheng.html [Broken]
    http://www.firavia.com/heat.html [Broken]
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    I have the Dover book pictured above and although I only read halfway through it before I set it down at the beginning of this semester, I can tell you that it is probably not the book you are looking for. It is simply an interesting read on the history of the subject.

    I'm a mechanical engineering student as well, but I can't understand how you came up with your assumption about an undergrad degree and the FE exam.
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    You can get several book in fluid mechamics
    at www.potto.org for free.
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    Fluid Mechanics by Cengel is certainly a very good book. As for exams are concerned, i think Fluid Mechanics b Rajput is better
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    Fluid Mechanics by R.k . BANSAL
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