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Good FORTRAN Compiler

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    Hey PF, I'm looking for a free and reliable compiler for FORTRAN; the application will be for CFD. Unlike C++, FORTRAN compilers seem harder to find. If anyone can provide some insight besides "do a google search" that would be great, thanks.
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    I've had a course on numerical analysis where we used fortran. A free compiler that they told us to get at home is gfortran. I think it may be the standard free fortran compiler.
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    I found that compiler after about 2 hours of searching. The download file is in .bz format of which I have no idea how to open.
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    I've done a quick google research, it seems that you can extract the .bz2 file using the program 7-zip (free, that you can download here: http://www.7-zip.org/).
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    I actually downloaded a compiler for FORTRAN 95, Plato. Ill probably check this one out too since it has 2003 updates. Thanks for the help.
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    You can look for compilers for your platform at The Fortran Company.

    If you are Windows a nice choice I learned of lately is Simply Fortran. As we know, you cannot close open source or charge for free source, nevertheless, you may charge for the service of compiling it, collecting it, delivering it on media, making it easier to install...the way I see, the people at Simply Fortran are doing that and then some...they are also providing a GUI of their own. In any case, I think $25 is a reasonable fee; heck, some text editors may cost that much and they don't come with a Fortran compiler.

    my 2 cents


    P.S. ...no, I am not related to Simply Fortran in anyway
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    With a weekly budget of $100, $25 isnt cheap!
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    I just want to second the suggestion for g95. http://www.g95.org/downloads.shtml

    - Free and without and "nags"

    - Easy one file windows self extracting download. (g95-MiniGW.exe)

    - Will create "stand alone" exe files (that run without needing extra libraries installed).

    Definitely worth giving this one a try.
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