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Good heat but poor electrical conductor

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    Hi folks,

    I am an electrical electronics student and hence you may find the question below ridiculously easy but please bear with me and I hope you could advise me.

    I am currently doing a project and need to dissipiate heat away from a specific electronic component to the frame of the system, in my case, the frame would be the electronic board and the stands for the board.

    More importantly, I think the 4 cylindical stands is a good place to get the heat off to the surrounding since it is 1) a metal 2) a good surface area with adequate space apart from each stand.

    My first thought would be using a flexible tube or something which is good in bending and carry the heat away from the heat source to the stands. But this material has to be an electrical insulator BECAUSE the frame could not get potentially energised to 100V, yes, the heat source unfortunately has a potential difference (w.r.t. GND) of +100V.

    I've considered epoxy or some thermal gel, but the problem is these doesn't have the physical property I desired because I can't just simply apply the gel across the heat source to the stands as it'll be to messy since it looks pretty much like a liquid.

    So does anyone has a clue which material is good for me to use?

    Probably, something which has:

    1) Good heat carrying property
    2) Extremely poor electrical conductor (or good elect insulator)
    3) well-definable shape (definitely not liquid, or gel-like substance)

    Please see attached for the placement of the heat medium.

    Thank you in advance!

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