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Good Ideas For Theme Parks

  1. Jun 5, 2013 #1
    Greetings people of Physics,

    I was just wandering if you guys had any good ideas (themes) for theme parks: e.g. Space etcetera. Give me your best ideas, not matter how utterly ridiculous! Also, if you have any ideas for rides that would be great!

    Kind Regards,
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    YMMV. Staying away from all the rides works best for me. I've vertigo issue.
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    A Kate Upton theme park.
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    Google Image Search Theme Park
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    That's the best answer I've heard so far!
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    Beer Theme park.
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    Busch Gardens has that one pretty locked up. Of course you are pretty much limited to Bud, Michelob, and other subsidiaries (Inbev has bought a large Mexican brewing company, though I don't know what kind of presence they have at the parks.)
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