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Good language quiz software

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    Good language "quiz" software

    I have -unsuccesfully for some reason- been trying to find a "quiz" type program for learning languages.
    The reason is that I have a 12 year old at home who struggles a bit when it comes to learning new words on his own.
    All I (well he) need is a program which allow you to enter words, saves them in database, and then runs a quiz. Ideally it should also be possible to "extend" the quiz so that it not only asks about the words entered that week, but about all words entered over a certain period (for revising).

    The software should be simple and generic, not made specificlly for a certain language (at the moment he is doing Spanish and Latin, but might switch to French or German in a couple of years).

    There is a lot of "self-study" software out there, but I still haven't been able to find anything suitable(!)

    I could potentially write somthing myself, but this must already be available.

    Also, it needs to work on Windows 8.
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    I think I've found something like what you're looking for:

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