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Good, minimalistic program to rip CD's to MP3

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    So, I've got a very slow computer that as of now only has Windows Media Player on it. I'm looking for a very basic program that can rip my CD's to MP3 files that doesn't take up too much ram and doesn't have lotsa fancy extras. Things like Real Player and Musicmatch are just so full of crap that I can't even deal with them, and I really don't know what other good free programs are out there that can just rip CD's to MP3.

    Thanks for any help,
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    CDs that you bought in stores, right? cause otherwise it would mean piracy.. ;)
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    Windows Media Player rips and encodes to MP3 or WMA, your choice.
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    I used to use a nice little application called CDex. Very small, pretty useful and you don't have to mess around with any big programs or anything.


    It's open source too, I think.

    Edit: And I just realised dduardo posted exactly the same thing...
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    Easy CD-DA extractor is also another small and good program to use.
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    How do you get it to rip to MP3?
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    Wof2, unless you're not using Windows Media 10, the ripper should be built in the player. I think even version 9 has it
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    And here I was, still using version 8, thinking that updating would be totally pointless...
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    I second CDex. It's freeware and works quite well. Very easy to use.
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