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Good Morning

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    As a child I remember looking to the stars and wondering what was "up there"
    Thankfully that fascination has stayed with me all my life and it has now rubbed off on my sons who both have a healthy interest in the stars.
    My problem is that I'm no astronomer or physicist so my understanding of the real science behind the Universe is a little baffling to say the least. Unfortunately my inquisitive brain always starts asking me questions when I'm led in bed trying to sleep, the distance between stars, the speed of light, what is light.....and so on and on and on. Google helps with some of this but sometimes it generates more questions than answers.
    I will enjoy reading all of the threads regarding the Universe although I suspect will be asking more questions than answering them.!
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    I am very happy about it. I am 18 years old I have been interesting with science for 4 years.My best friend gave me a book about Einstein and about his theories and I was really impressed.When I was little I have a curiosity about astronomy.I have been always want to understand that whats going on in the universe. I want to work on cosmology and I hope we will gonna understand universe later or soon.
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