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Good music sites

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    hey does anyone know any good music sites where i can LISTEN to some good music but not necessarily download???
    thanx alot 4 ur help:smile:
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    launch.yahoo.com almost every music video there is to see

    there are also lots of radio stations u can google. i listen to www.di.fm which plays techno/trance stuff and some classical at the bottom
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    any online radio will work. thats what i used to do when i was at the comp lab at school. a lot of popular stations are online. and you can find any sort of station really.
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    The radio stations that come with iTunes are pretty good.
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    www.pandora.com is quite good if you know the sort of thing you want, but aren't after specific tracks. Your first 10 hours are free.
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    Really cool :cool: eclectic collection from around the world.

    New Sounds - on WNYC - New York City
    Manring's "Selene" and "Orpherius [sp] Wheel" are really good - Album is "Soliloquy". Manring plays a hyperbass - you have to hear to understand it.

    Viktor Krauss's "Split Window" from his album "Far from Enough" is interesting.

    New Sounds - http://www.wnyc.org/shows/newsounds
    Hosted by John Schaefer
    Airs daily at 11PM on 93.9 FM

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    Actually, if you know how to clear flash's cache it can go on forever.
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    I don't but I'm sure I've had more than 10 hours out of it without it asking me to pay...
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    and how do we do that?
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    www.di.fm ?

    You can also go to www.shoutcast.com they have tons of station there even video music.

    If you have winamp just press ALT+L and you'll have Media Library pop up you can go to Winamp Music, Winamp Video, Shoutcast Radio, Shoutcast TV, AOL Radio with XM Radio, AOL Video, Shoutcast Wire, etc.
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    Finally got some vague kind of website for my band, since the last attempt didn't really work got forcibly removed from the university servers.


    4 (I think) tracks you can listen to, should keep you entertained.
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