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Good news

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    As the news are flooded with bad things happening, I thought it was time to read of good news from the world. I'll start with this:

    Passenger on Finnair's flight from Bangkok to Helsinki gave birth to a healthy child. The birth took place somewhere above Kazakhstan. Unfortunately I don't have an english version of the source available.

    http://www.hs.fi/kotimaa/artikkeli/Finnairin+matkustaja+synnytti+Kazakstanin+yll%C3%A4/1135241274714 [Broken]
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    Everyone can speak suomi here don't be shy. :wink:
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    Of course, but let's try to stick in (some sort of) english for the sake of a tradition.
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    Except the story you linked to is in Finnish.

    Not to worry, http://www.hs.fi/english/extras/speakup [Broken] will have folks up and running in no time. Just remember, when in doubt, say, "Iso tuoppi!"

    (And, whatever you do, don't ever say, "Sinulla on kauniit siniset silmät." - especially to green eyed women.)
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    More good news! Online dating for rare species is now available!

    http://weirdnewsfiles.com/weirdnews/online-dating-for-rare-species/ [Broken]

    The bad news is that they don't post the link to the online dating site. They just talk about it.
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    You are not in a position to complain, since you didn't offer anything better. Anyway get some rest, you look tired.
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    Confirmed insider sources of the forum revealed that this would not be a problem.

    That is such a cliche, that it's actually funny. Besides if you make a cardinal mistake like that, you have the (moral) right to take a closer look at her eyes.
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    This thread is pointless. No one cares about a baby born on an airplane above kazakstan, and your link isnt even in english.

    I really, honestly, see no point to this thread.
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    Well if you bothered to read all three sentences then you might have spotted the language warning.

    Then look at this as a empirical survey of the proportion of positive news from all news. Since there are less positive news (hypothesis) than negative ones, it is easier to count the positive ones. Naturally they have to be posted to determine that they really are positive news.
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