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Good ODE books

  1. Nov 10, 2007 #1
    Hey all, I was hoping someone would be able to point me at a good ordinary differential equations text. Basically right now I have been working out of 'ordinary differential equations" by boyce and brannon. but Im fed up with the book and really would just like a good book to be used as a reference. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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    If you're looking for a reference, try the Dover text by Tenenbaum and Pollard (called Ordinary Differential Equations). It's well organized as a reference for solving specific types of ODEs and using specific methods, as well as having proofs and motivations.
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    As the man said, Tenenbaum and Pollard is excellent as a reference, and is probably quite good for learning if you're sharper than I am.

    I learned ODEs from the Boyce and DiPrima text and thoroughly enjoyed it.
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    Boyce and DiPrima is good intro to ODEs. Its rather wordy and I like that.
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    Chris Hillman

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    We had this discussion just a few weeks ago! (Try the "search" button.)

    Is it too late to suggest moving this thread to "Book Recommendations"?
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