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Good old songs (50's and 60's)

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    Hi ya all :biggrin:

    I want to make a soundtrack for a movie I'm making about my dad (for his 50 birthday)

    So, i wanted some advices for good songs that he might have heard as a child.
    (I tried asking him about it without making him suspect, but he wasn't very helpful, because he tried to think what I'd like, and he won't say what he likes..)

    anyway, lets hear them suggestions :biggrin:
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    How about the soundtrack to Full Metal Jacket?
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    George Jones

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    Assuming he liked popular music I suggest you google hit listings and charts of the decade when he was a child.
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    If he is turning 50, chances are he didn't have too much interest in popular music in the 1950s (3 y.o. in 1960), so you should concentrate on music of the 1960s and 1970s. The soundtrack to Easy Rider had a lot of great tunes as did the Woodstock recordings. The late 60's had a great bunch of bands, like Buffalo Springfield, Poco, Cream, Fleetwood Mac (only the Peter Green years!), Spencer Davis Group, the Hollies, Hendrix, the Byrds, and many, many more.
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    How about Simon and Garfunkel? They are favouriates of mine even though I live in the 00's.
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    Of course The Beatles should be there, some of my faves by this band:

    -All my loving (1963)
    -And I love her (1964)
    -Yesterday (1965)
    -Across the Universe (1969)

    A long-standing favourite by The Mamas and The Papas:
    -California Dreaming (1965)

    Let's also add the histrionic voice of Tom Jones:
    -It's not unusual (1965)

    Some seasoning with Simon & Garfunkel:

    -The sound of silence (1965)
    -Mrs. Robinson (1967)

    And the icing is Nina Simone :biggrin:

    -My baby just cares for me (1958)
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    This isn't directly related, but I just turned 57 and my 15 year old daughter (I married late) gave me a birthday mix CD. The oldest tune is "Why do fools fall in love", 1957 and the newest is "Little Sister", 2002.

    Don't tell my daughter this, but while I appreciate the thought she put into it, I would rather she had made a mix of her own favorites. Perhaps your father might feel the same.
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