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Good online chemical supply?

  1. Aug 3, 2004 #1
    What's a good online chemical supply co? (cheap, fast, reliable)

    I'm looking for the following to do a experiment:
    4A Molecular Sieves
    Dry Methanol
    Tetrahydrofuran (THF)
    Propionyl Chloride
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    sargentwelch.com will carry most of those... but if you're looking for cheap sources its best to find a chemical supplier you can pick the stuff up from, because most of those require hazmat shipping services, which are very expensive.
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    one of the best places to get chemistry supplies is suprizingly e-bay
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    I agree, ebay is the best place to go for pretty much anything. CHEMSAVERS is a good ebay seller which deals with chemicals (for cheap!).

    Most of those products can be found OTC.


    Use this to find where you can find them.
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    E-bay is generally good, but watch out and check your prices.

    I was looking for a certain rare but OTC chemical, and it was selling for over $700 for 500g with many bids and lots of time left. I later imported the same quantity from a supplier in Shanghai for $40 including shipping and customs fees.
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    I'm not sure where you are located, but I routinely use VWR and Fisher (in the US). They also ship to most of Europe and some of Asia.



    I can vouch for fast and reliable...but I'm sure there are places that would be cheaper. The problem you will likely face, as far as pricing is concerned, is having to buy more than you need. Acetone, HCl, NaOH and Methanol are cheap, but THF and Pyridine are not, and the minimum volume sold is often 1L or even 4L (4L of THF can set you back $300).
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