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Good or Evil - Which is the better investment?

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    I thought the article, http://slate.msn.com/id/2123644/ [Broken], was an interesting take on investing.

    For the most part, corporate America is amoral. Investment decisions are made on expected returns, not how good or evil the companies might be. Now, you can customize your investments by buying funds and investments endorsed by the Catholic Advisory Board (no companies dealing in pornography, abortion, or benefits for same sex domestic partners, etc) or by buying funds that specialize in vice (casinos, tobacco companies, beer companies, etc).

    While it seems kind of humorous at first glance, it's actually a valid idea. True democracy in action by backing up your beliefs with your own money - a weapon that has more influence on corporate behavior than a "nice" or "mean" image.

    Which would you choose:

    http://www.avemariafund.com/avemx.htm [Broken]?
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    The good, I don't like dirty money.

    I know people barely 20 who have their own porn website. I would have never guessed a moral person would set up something like that, but they do it just for the money: it's big bussiness. I would never invest any time or money into that.
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    Vice looks like its the better investment at the moment. That said, I doubt either of these constitutes a sound long-term investment. I'd have to go the traditional 'amoral' route.

    By the way, I fail to see what's wrong with owning a porn website. As long as the people are consenting - and if your site is legal, they are - who cares? I don't exactly like the idea of investing in the "human failings" business, though, profiting from alcohol and cigarette addiction and gambling and all that. Then again, I suppose many people are addicted to porn. Of course, a porn addiction doesn't physically damage your brain/body or drain the family bank account and the kids' college funds.
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