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Good or Suitable Graduate Programs in Pure Mathematics

  1. Aug 23, 2009 #1
    So i'm planning on applying to phd programs in the US and the UK in the next couple of months. I wanted to get an idea as to which schools would be good for me to apply to. I don't have the best transcript because I messed up my first 2.5 years at college (these include B's, C's and F's in math classes)- then took a year off from school- but I've taken 10 or so upper division math courses since and have not gotten lower than an A- in any one of them. I goto Oberlin College btw and am currently finishing my last semester in the Budapest semesters in mathematics program.

    I've developed good relationships with my professors and a couple have told me they would write me good rec's. I'm an international student so i've been unable to participate in REUs and I'm not sure how or if my nationality hurts/helps my application in general. I'm going to take the GRE general/subject test in the next two months and hope to do well.

    I don't have any specific interests but I do know I want to do pure math - algebra and analysis are both appealing but beyond that I have no preferences. I'm not sure if a small or big program is preferable but I do want to be somewhere near a coast (if in the US). NYU, Columbia, UT Austin and Cornell are the few on my list but I'm thinking of applying to 10-12 schools in total. Imperial in London is also another idea. These schools are all probably reach schools for me but I'd like to hear input from people with experience.

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