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Good Orbital Mechanics book?

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    Is anyone familiar with "Satellite Orbits: Models, Methods, Applications" by Montenbruck and Gill?

    I'm looking for something that starts a little more basic, but builds up to a decent level. I have my own copy of Vallado's Fundamentals of Astrodynamics and Applications, but it's a little intimidating for most. I'd like to find something about one step below that for the office - and hopefully a little better structured.
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    reply about books: orbital motion,determination


    I have my own copy of Vallado's Fundamentals of Astrodynamics and Applications,

    look here for explaining for above book:



    you can find out also :http://www.smad.com

    *methods of astrodynamics, p.r.escobal.
    *orbital motion ,a e roy.
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    I've heard good things about


    but it may be more basic than what you're looking for. (Unfortunately I don't own this, so my information is second hand).

    It's made at least one list, though


    and is referred to as a source book by the Britanica.

    [add]The book was originally recommended to be by Brian Davis in some past usenet discussions about satellites and tides.
    [end add]
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    new good book

    hi :smile:

    Elsevier aerospace engineering series

    howard D.Curtis
    Orbital mechanics for engineering students
    isbn :0-7506-6169-0

    matlab programma's
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