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Classical Good physics books

  1. Apr 19, 2015 #1
    (special thanks to micromass and everyone who helped me or answered my questions about calculus books).

    now i need a book or books about Classical or modern or general physics.

    any help??
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    is there another books??
    i want textbooks
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    Hello, I've already got the Douglas C. Giancoli 4th edition physics book, but I'm looking for something I can use for a reference that has more detail and goes more in-depth. If you know anything I'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    merrill physics principles and problems goes into a lot of detail
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    friend if you really want to thank the replier you can like his reply.
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    can you tell me about this textbook (physics for scientists and engineers 8th edition).
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    You can find these on the used market for a handful of dollars.

    Intro to physics in general: French, "Newtonian Mechanics"
    Mechanics: Kleppner & Kolenkov, "Introduction to Mechanics"
    EM: Kip, "Fundamentals of electricity and magnetism"
    Waves: French, "Vibrations and Waves"
    All-in-one tome: Ohanian, "Physics", 2nd edition
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    thank you srednivashtar.
    please can you tell me about this textbook (physics for scientists and engineers 8th edition)?
    i want to find a good physics textbook for My cousin is is in college studying Physics.
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    The problem is the OP does not yet know Calculus. Kleppner is requires at least calculus 2. Solid books I may add. My friends favorite book is French and Purcell tw.
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    I would suggest trying to learn calculus before you begin to do anything else.
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    PLEASE can anyone tell me which textbook is good??? PLEASE. PLEASE .PLEASE
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    thank all of you for help.
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    I was misled by the fact the the OP thanked other posters for their help with calculus books.
    Physics without calculus? Ugh!
    Well, French uses the minimum amount possible of calculus. Really, the bare minimum.

    But in general, I believe it's simpler and more fruitful to learn calculus and then physics than trying to study physics without calculus. There's too much hoop jumping there.

    BTW, I do like Purcell, but Kip has a more traditional approach, better suited IMHO for a beginner (also, you can buy it for less than ten bucks). Purcell can come after Kip (or equivalent text, even the EM part of Ohanian) and some basic introduction to special relativity.
    But physics without calculus??? Brrr.... Makes my skin crawl.
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    I love the Kleppner one. But IMHO none are good until you have a firm grasp on calculus. Personally when I started re-studying, I only concentrated on math. Otherwise it's like building a beautiful castle on a weak foundation. I'm not sure your motivation but if it's a future in physics concentrate on the calculus first.

    On a side note my son did steal my book and I had to get another from Amazon because I'm OCD and that book had a spot on my shelf! I paid less than $20 with shipping. And despite him not having mastered calculus (he's 13) he seems to be enjoying my book.
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    thank you for help.
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    Can i find solution manual for university physics??
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