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Good physics sites for ?

  1. Jun 19, 2004 #1
    Good physics sites for....?

    Hey guys

    I have been given a research assignment which im finding difficulty finding useful information on some of the questions on the site ive used www.yahoo.com search key words etc... and it asks a number of things which are:

    1. Discuss the possible applications ofsuoerconductivity and the effects of these applications on computers, generators and motors, transmission of electricity through power grids and transport inluding the maglev train.

    2. Astrophysics

    a. Describe the advantages of photoelectric techniques over photographic methods of photometry

    b. Assess the impact of improvements in measurement technologies on our understanding of celestial objects

    Would anyone happen to know any good sites that i could use to assist with any parts of these questions??


    Daniel :smile:
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