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Good Physics Textbooks.

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    Where an I find some good physics books. I've looked at bookstores but I'm not sure if they provide adequate information as if I were reading one from college.If those aren't adequate is there a place I can bu actual textbooks liek at college?
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    Dr Transport

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    Barnes and Noble, Amazon etc....

    Any of the online bookstores has a decent selection of physics texts.
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    I'd go betweek Barnes&Noble and Borders.
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    unless you live near a college you will have to look online for a good selection of physics textbooks. If you've taken calculus then I would highly recomend the feynmann lectures on physics. Although if you get the feynmann lectures be warned they don't come with any exercises, so you will have to find a supplementary text with some exercises (and solutions).
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    Colleges sells textbooks to people whom aren't their students?
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    As Dr Transport mentioned, online booksellers are a great source for used textbooks. Alibris.com has great deals on used textbooks also.

    Many times, if you go with a used textbook that is one or two editions behind the current you can get a nice book for under 10$. And it usually isn't substantially different from the newest edition.

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    Dr Transport

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    Absolutely, their money is as good as anyone elses....
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    Of course. Go to a college bookstore, and buy anything you want.

    - Warren
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    Every college bookstore I've ever been to sold to non-students. And they are definitely your best source for physics and / or math texts.
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    I find Amazon Marketplace often has the cheapest prices for textbooks, and Amazon proper often has the best prices on new textbooks. Alibris is also a good source. I got a used Jackson 2nd edition (I didn't want the 3rd) through Alibris, and a new copy of Sakurai for $44 through Amazon.

    Do be careful, sometimes people advertise their books under the wrong edition. You may want to email them beforehand to make sure they have the edition you want. Both sites have a money-back guarantee if the transaction goes bad. I've only had to use this once in several years of using Amazon Marketplace.

    Some useful search sites:

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    Also, if you look at the right time of the year, you might be able to get a good deal on eBay. I recently got a new hardcover copy of Griffiths' electrodynamics book for $30 (shipping plus purchase price). Considering that Amazon sells it for $106, and the lowest Amazon marketplace purchase price is $66 for a used copy, that's a great deal.
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