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Good question > 50% of the answer!

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    Let the good question be your guide on the journey to the truth!
    My question for you goes: Is the law of lever conditional law and if so then which condition is that?
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    If condition is to mean not absolute or mean having a solution.

    There are physical equations that have infinite number of solution. A case in point are Einstein's field equations of general relativity.

    others infinite solutions are the following:

    At constant temperature, the product of initial pressure and volume is equal to the final pressure and volume.

    [tex]P_i V_i = P_f V_f [/tex]

    Also for elastic collisions, the initial momentum is equal to the final momentum.

    [tex] m_1 v^{i}_1 + m_2 v^{i}_2 = m_1 v^{f}_1 + m_2 v^{f}_2 [/tex]
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