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Good Refresher Book

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    I'm trying to do a double major in chemical engineering and biochemistry, biochemistry requires the one year biology sequence and I don't feel like taking it so I am looking for a good refresher book to prepare me for the AP exam so I can test out of the classes. Any suggestions?
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    I suggest you take it in college, with all the labs. You gotta love this stuff - its amazing.

    I'm also doing Bio+ChemE with Bioinformatics
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    I'd love to take the class but I literally will not have sufficient time the way the curriculum is layed out I will be taking around 17 credits EVERY semester from now until I graduate and all of them will be math, engineering, or chemistry courses. The only reason I am even able to complete a dual degree is because I have every gen-ed requirement met from my dual enrollment and other AP exams.
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    it doesnt have to be just 4 years. as a chemE you will want, if you are really into it, to get at least a masters. so time is not of importance - solid, broad knowledge and experience is.

    dont rush into this major, take your time, take the necessary classes and do coop during summers. there is plenty of stuff to learn and 4 years is simply not sufficient
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